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If your company has made the wise decision to integrate a training management system, it is crucial to make sure that the system is being used efficiently. Training employees in the traditional way can be time-consuming and exhausting. Sending them emails, updating their course, organizing the training schedule as well as other important administrative tasks.

The best way to tackle this problem is by introducing a training management system in your company on the occasion of HR Day 2023. It saves time in everyday tasks and helps in focusing on other important work.

To use the training management system to its maximum potential and benefit, it must be used regularly by everyone in the organization. As is true with every other system, if people don’t know how to use it, the advantage of installing it in the first place goes down the drain.

You can also know how effectively your system is working by measuring the employee engagement.

Below given are the top 5 tips to measure employee engagement through a training management system-

  1. Assigning tasks to everyone

One easy way to make sure your employees are engaged is by assigning them tasks through the training management system. You can put a time limit on the task so that a healthy competitive atmosphere is created.

This will ensure that the employees start seeing the management system daily. They will need to log in to see what tasks they have been assigned, on which date, and when it has to be completed. This can make it easy for the managers to keep a tab on which employee is engaging daily and who is not.

A training management system is also a brilliant way to dish out tasks. It means that everyone can view what other employees are assigned as well. Therefore, if a task is left uncompleted by an employee due to any reason, the manager can quickly reassign the work by viewing the task schedule, and give it to an employee who has time.

  1. Tracing sales

Having a feature of overviewing the company sales within the training management system is helpful. If you are not a part of the sales team, it is very difficult to know how the deals are progressing, as many accounts are handled by different staff members.

Creating a center point where all the sales-related data is stored and viewed by everyone, helps in knowing what the projected profit is going to be. You can see how the employees are handling the sales, such as the calls to be made, keeping up with scheduled interviews, etc.

If the tasks are showing overdue, you can find out if it’s from your company’s side or the client’s side and rectify the issue. Or there is a possibility that the employees are completing the tasks but are unaware of how to mark them completed. Either way, the training management system will let you identify the root cause.

  1. Keep surveys-

Use your company’s targets and goals to measure employee engagement while taking the survey, it can be on factors such as:

  • Satisfaction- This question will let you know how satisfied the employee is with the job and the company.
  • Sense of future- It is essential to know if your employees imagine staying with your company for the long haul, this also ensures employee retention.
  • Alignment- This question will help to determine if the employee’s vision is aligned with the company’s future and goals.
  1. Clarity on the goal-

You should make sure that all the employees are clear on the company’s goal and objective. A sure-shot way of ensuring this is introducing the goal in the onboarding process. If the employees know from the beginning itself what are the company’s expectations, they will try their best to achieve them.

The employee can also make an informed decision if they see themselves as a part of the company, sooner than later. This can lead to low turnover.

  1. Achievements and rewards-

Proving rewards for deserving employees can improve employee engagement. You can organize healthy competitions like the employee to achieve maximum goals will get awarded “employee of the month”. Or if your company doesn’t have monetary flexibility, you can maintain a leaderboard where the winner’s name is written for an entire week.

This can create a positive atmosphere and will help in boosting the morale of all the workers. Moreover, they will try to give their best to earn rewards, which will help in the company’s growth as well. managing employees through a training management system is very easy if done the right way.