SkinTe, the first mood-enhancing, collagen-boosting soft drink, is a blend of three of the most popular and refreshing collagen-boosting soft drinks among consumers: Grapefruit Green Tea, Ginger White Tea, and Vanilla Hibiscus. SkinTe is currently available at select Walmart stores in the Northeast and Southeast in 19 states. The brand grew to over 4,000 retail stores in the United States last year, with additional retail outlets planned for 2023. SkinTe is currently available at Publix, Kroger, HEB, Stop n Shop, Giant, Albertsons Safeway, Sprouts, Amazon and Fresh Market. “Bringing SkinTe to Walmart customers will introduce the brand to millions of people who previously couldn’t find SkinTe.” These new users now have the opportunity to take advantage of SkinTe’s unique skin and mood ingredients,” said Basima Mrue, CEO and co-founder of SkinTe. Our Approach to Products, Retailers and Consumers We are excited to partner with Walmart and welcome their health and beauty shoppers to the SkinTe family.” Made with 3000mg of carefully selected collagen, real organic teas, super herbs, vitamin C and antioxidants, SkinTe is known for its unique light and refreshing taste, stylish packaging, loyal customer base and innovation. We work with a mindset that values ​​beauty and freshness. As the functional soda and kombucha categories become saturated with new health brands focused on “gut health,” SkinTe continues to position itself as a differentiator in the skin health beverage industry.

About SkinTe

SkinTe is the leading collagen soda brand at the intersection of beauty, wellness and beverages. The brand was a Best Takeover finalist at the Indie Beauty Expo for the second consecutive year, as were The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc, Allure, Goop, US Weekly, Access Daily, Entrepreneur, PopSugar and WWD. Founded by three women, SkinTe is dedicated to enhancing your inner health and beauty every day. SkinTe is sold online at, Thrive Market, and major retailers including Amazon.


Cart IN PRESS_“SkinTē is ticklish, refreshing and perfect for those 3-hour lows. At first I was attracted by the beautiful pink packaging. And skin-friendly ingredients like antioxidants and collagen (we all agree that it’s a lot of fun). Then, when I ate it, I became addicted to the fresh ginger taste of hibiscus. What’s even cooler is that the company was founded by a group of strong women, including doctors, chefs, and entrepreneurs. Who rules the world again?

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  “This tea has become a staple in my refrigerator. One can of refreshing sparkling tea contains 3,000 mg of collagen as well as plant-based minerals and vitamins. I noticed a difference in the quality of my skin, hair and nails after drinking alcohol daily. I also love that it’s only 20 calories per can and full of natural ingredients. You can purchase three boxes or get them monthly with a subscription plan.”

A sparkling tea with collagen infused in it will be served here, as well as other beauty ingestibles. To me, that’s the next step.”…”


Electronic beauty stores now offer more functional beauty products and drinks. The Goop Inner Beauty section of the online store features drinks such as Collagen Fizzy Tea from beverage brand SkinTē.


Collagen supplements have become a mainstay in the health world, but they’ve come a long way from simple powders. Food brands are using large amounts of collagen as a key ingredient in new functional snacks, from candy bars and peanut butter to marshmallows and even popcorn. For a double beauty boost, you can drink one of these treats with one of the many high collagen drinks on the market, including: 

The SkinTe name isn’t just about this sparkling tea, available in four skin-restoring flavors: Grapefruit Green Tea, Ginger White Tea, Hibiscus, Vanilla and Lemon Lime. While some products advertise “marine” collagen derived from fish skin, SkinTe uses bovine collagen derived from the skin and tendons of grass-fed cows. 12 oz each. Maybe 3000 mg. From $48 for a 12” box.

At first I was drawn to SkinTē because I thought it was unusual that they offer bubble tea. But there’s more to this colorful box than meets the eye. The combination of real white and green tea, potent herbs, carbonation and collagen peptides results in a drink that is second to none on this list. Each pack contains 3,000mg of highly digestible collagen, which is great for hair, skin, and nails, but the collagen comes from grass-fed cows, so it’s not vegan. However, the result is a refreshing effervescent drink with great taste and unrivaled beauty benefits.”

But the atypical recipe of brand-eaters is not only bubbles. SkinT ē also features organic herbs, flavonoid teas, and three women: naturopath Amy Bader, Chef Elisabeth Sieg, and Basima Mrow, seasoned strategists with careers at Spanx and Nike. Supported by Leslie Blodgett, founder of BareMinerals and beauty industry icon.”

Located at the intersection of nutrition, beauty and wellness, SkinTē has revolutionized the industry by introducing collagen carbonation as the first brand to promote radiant hair, skin and nails. It elevates mood, aids digestion, soothes joints, increases hydration, deepens sleep, and supports the immune system. Created by physicians and deliciously prepared by chefs, this company has greatly expanded its business and gained a huge reputation