What you need to know

GoNest is designed for people with disabilities who are looking for a home that suits their needs. Nest makes it easy to find, select and apply for a home that suits your needs, affordability, management needs and lifestyle. With listings of disability accommodation providers, community and social housing providers, real estate agents and private landlords, Nest is the site of choice for people with disabilities looking for a home.

Nest is an online tool for people with disabilities and affordable housing providers. Nest helps people with disabilities find homes that meet their needs, support needs and lifestyle choices. Nest makes it easy for providers to select suitable applicants and quickly fill vacant apartments and rooms. With a list of disability housing providers, public and social housing providers, real estate agents and private homeowners, Nest is a website for people with disabilities looking for a home. Nest is free, fully available and standalone.

Free – no advertising costs. Turn the list on and off as needed. Connect with thousands of people with disabilities. Fill rooms faster and increase sales with fewer empty items. A complete list of properties or a list of available rooms. Accessible for the disabled.

How does Nest work?

A user ( person with disability, their carer,  support  worker or  support coordinator)  sets up a  personal profile outlining their  support and accessibility requirements,  funding  level  and personal  preferences in a home.

Providers  list their  properties and vacancies  including their  preferences for a resident (gender, age,  support and  funding levels).

Using a  person’s  preferences – and the  information  provided  about  each property – Nest  matches  users to  suitable  properties that meet their  needs and wants. Users can then  apply to be  considered for any matched vacancies that  appeal to them.

Providers  receive a shortlist of  applicants who  they can  contact  to discuss compatibility and suitability to the vacancy. 

Providers of housing suitable for people with disability on Nest

Nest lists available properties and vacancies from affordable housing providers, including SDA providers, disability housing providers, public and social housing providers, and real estate and private homeowners. Click on the logo below or browse our full supplier directory to learn more about our suppliers and see what they offer.Register and create your profile. Nest’s matching engine takes care of finding housing options that match your funding, maintenance, and lifestyle needs.

Nest has expanded

As of May 2019, Nest is accepting offers from all providers of affordable home products. These include disability housing providers, public and social housing providers, real estate agents, and private homeowners. When Nest launched in May 2018, Google only listed properties and jobs designated for Specialized Disability Housing (SDA) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our goal is to provide natural resource funds to people with disabilities to create the right websites and platforms that connect them to housing that is right for them and meets their funding needs and personal preferences.

We want to help tens of thousands of NDIS members with unmet housing needs find suitable housing quickly, easily and simply. However, we soon learned that there were tens of thousands of other people with disabilities who were looking for homes that were not suitable for positions listed on the Nest because they did not have natural resource funding. These people struggle to find affordable housing options that meet their needs and desires just as much as those that have natural resources.

At the same time, other affordable housing providers, including real estate agents and public and social housing providers, began contacting Nest to list available properties and vacancies and connect them with potential tenants. We see an opportunity to expand Nest’s reach to include all disability-friendly housing options, as well as natural resource-aware properties. A lot of effort has been put into the back end of the Nest website to extend this layer. Ultimately, however, Nest’s powerful matching engine remains the same, and the experience for users (persons with disabilities, caregivers, and guardians) and service providers does not change.

As you might expect, changes of this magnitude come with challenges. We’ve done our best to make the transition to Nest 2.0 a smooth one, but we keep improving and improving it. We welcome your feedback about Nest. Please let us know if you see or encounter any bugs, malfunctions, bugs or other issues, or if you have any feedback about our platform or website. You can write to us at info@gonest.com.au, fill out the contact form or fill out the feedback form. We strive to create tools that will enable all people with disabilities to find their ideal home.

Who is behind Nest?

Nest is developed by Northcott Innovation (NI), an innovative company focused on people with disabilities. NI is a solution developer dedicated to developing new and innovative products and services for people with disabilities. NI’s goal is to enable the collaborative development of solutions that help people with disabilities live as equals in their communities. NI does not provide disability housing or disability assistance services.