Submersible pumps featuring agitators, such as the Audex AW and AW Pro, are excellent for managing sludge and unclean water. They were created and constructed for usage in abrasive environments including quarries, recycling facilities, and ready-mixed concrete sites. The pumps are inexpensive, dependable, and offer a long service life with little maintenance and repair expense.


For example, when the water contains suspended sand and silt, the Audex AW 2-040 (2″) and AW 3-075 (3″) submersible dewatering pumps are typically employed as contractor pumps for site draining tasks. Both variants are equipped with a ductile iron vortex impeller, which allows for the handling of solids and provides good wear resistance. A built-in shaft-mounted agitator maintains the suspension of the solids and reduces clogging.

Heavy-duty submersible slurry pumps by Audex AW, ranging in size from 2-150 to 8-2200, are perfect for the challenging environments present in heavy industries like quarries or recycling facilities. They can be installed in restricted locations because to their top discharge.

They have a cast-iron agitator for smoother pumping of fluids that are solids-laden as well as a cast-iron impeller and wear plates for longer lifetime.


The 2-150 TA, 2-220 TA, 3-370 TA, and 4-370 TA are the four dirty water pumps that make up the Audex AW Pro line. The AW Pro series offers total protection for your pump by combining all the characteristics of the AW standard range with an intelligent control system (ICS).

Features and benefits of AW Pro:

If they are wired improperly, Audex AW Pro pumps will not operate. Running backwards can harm mechanical seals and the impeller, therefore this prevents that from happening.

The pump stops working if:

  • The power supply loses a phase. 
  • The motor is overworked
  • An incorrect voltage is detected
  • The impeller becomes jammed

By doing this, the motor’s failure and the pump’s mechanical damage are avoided.

If the issue still exists after five minutes, the pump will wait another five minutes before attempting to resume.

An automated level control is a feature of Audex AW Pro pumps. As a result, there is no need for a control panel, the pump only runs when it is necessary, and damage to the pump from running dry is avoided. The level sensor is triggered, and there is a latency of 60 seconds. This will lessen the number of times the motor starts and stops and prevent a false start.

The pump keeps track of previous issues as well. This facilitates accurate diagnosis in the event that the pump malfunctions and aids in future preventative measures.

Date Sheet:

2 Inch: AW 2-040, AW 2-150 TC, and AW 2-150 VC AW 2-220 TC

AW 3-075 AW 3-400 TC for 3 inches

AW 4-600 TC for 4 inches

AW 6-900 TC and AW 6-1100 TC for 6 inches

Eight-inch: AW 8-1500 TC, AW 8-2200 TC, AW 8-3000 TC, and AW 8-3700 TC

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