Online casinos with a live dealer have become pretty popular these days. For those who are not familiar with live casinos and are totally new, you can learn more about it in this article. Besides, if you’re an avid gambler, it’s best to get to know all kinds of online casinos and keep up with the on-going trends.

What is a live casino? 

Live casinos are when there are live dealers that are streamed with a video camera at the actual physical location. This means online players are able to engage with the dealer in real-time. The dealers are real humans. It’s basically a way for the online players to have an experience just like a real life casino, except they don’t have to physically go to the location – they can just experience it anywhere they want. 

How do live casinos work? 

Video Camera 

This is the key equipment for live casinos. Without a HD-quality video camera, the online players aren’t able to enjoy the real life casino experience. The best experience is when the video cameras are able to capture and produce a live feed that offers a good view online. 

Game Control Units (GCU)

Known as the most major component of live casinos, a Game Control unit is where it helps the dealer to run the live casino game. In other words, it’s like how a human body can’t function without a heart, the live casinos can’t function without the GCU. 


Of course, the second most main aspect of live casinos would be the dealer. There is basically no difference when it comes to the dealer in a real life casino or online live casino. As long as the dealer is familiar with the game, that’s all that matters! 


The dealers have to be able to see what’s going on so that they are able to make the necessary adjustments when needed. They can also keep track of the current bets placed by the players alongside knowing who the players are online. Basically, the monitor shows what the players can see on their own screen. 

What are the benefits of live casinos? 

1. Able to communicate with other players 

Just like a normal real life casino, you can also communicate with the players who are playing together with you through the live chat. The only key difference is that you are chatting without having to physically move about. In real life casinos, you’ll need to perhaps move your body, walk towards them or adjust your chair so that you can talk with them. Live casinos allow you to simply chat with them by just clicking the chat box located in the game itself. 

2. Ensure the game is fair 

Since the dealers are real humans and not computer generated, rest assured the games will not be rigged. The games will be hosted fair and square with the real life dealer. The chance of cheating or manipulation is very low!  

3. Wider game options 

A real life casino can’t possibly hold endless casino games with a dealer as there is limited space around. With live casinos, you can simply take your pick among the many options available in just a few clicks. You can switch the games as well if you don’t seem to have luck on a certain game. Everything can be done within a few clicks too! 

What do you need for live casinos? 

You don’t really need much to enjoy live casinos. All you need is a good internet connection, your preferred choice of device (mobile phones, tablets or desktop/laptop), and a proper payment method. 

Most online casinos offer a wide variety of payment options such as credit/debit card and Paypal. Just make sure you are able to make your payments properly when placing your bets! Without a proper payment method, you won’t be able to play with your money at all. Hence, you won’t be able to win too. 

How can you enjoy live casinos? 
There are plenty of online gambling platforms that offer live casinos. For example, Winbox Casino Malaysia offers a chance for you to enjoy a wide variety of live casinos on their platform. Besides, they have proper licensing from PAGCOR so you’ll know they are a safe platform for live casinos.