A new year means a new journey and a lot of new beginnings. The time we spend on new year’s eve with our closest people is so special and dear to all of us. We manifest beautiful and wonderful things that will unbox throughout the year and make promises to ourselves and others, all for a better, healthier, and brighter future.

All the happy vibes and promises also call for crazy and lovely parties. Going out to clubs and partying till midnight is a cool idea, but have you ever hosted a theme-based new year’s eve house party? Thinking of a disco or floral theme? Get the most unique gifts, cakes, and flowers online. Get the online flowers delivery to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kochi, and numerous other cities with a click of your mouse.

Below is a list of some fantastic themes which you can easily pull off for a new year’s eve house party!

1.) Disco theme:

One of the most fun and fantastic themes that can add a lot of fun and classic vibes to the party. Decorate your place with disco balls and bright and fun dancing lights. You can also go for a light globe and neon-coloured lights to enhance the look and feel of your party. Set up a home bar, get tons of frozen ice in those buckets, and go for big party speakers, wine and beer, beverages, soft drinks, and food. Remember to make your disco playlist ready! Ask all your buddies to show up in glamorous outfits for classic disco vibes: Bell bottoms, denim, sequined costumes, polka dots, and all happy and colourful outfits!

2.) Floral and Pastel colour theme:

Choosing a cute, floral, and pastel theme over wild and bright for this year’s new year party? Don’t worry; we got you covered. You can go for a blissful and heartwarming floral and pastel theme for a happy-go vibe. Decorate your space with flowers, indoor plants, and pastel-coloured paper-made creatives! Send ivory shades invitation cards. Go for a cute big photo booth so everybody can take home some heartwarming memories with them. Go for floral dresses, shirts, and jackets for the dress codes. Celebrate with a cake at 12 and offer flower bouquets as gifts to guests with a handwritten note for the new year. Get the same day flower delivery from online Flower Shops like FlowerAura

3.) Bonfire and Barbeque theme:

New year’s eve comes in the perfect season to have a bonfire. A cozy get-together with all your closest people! Equip your place with board games and barbeque. Go for fun challenges, truth and dare, and charades. Get the party started with live music and jamming. Set the feel-good playlist for the night and make the whole environment feel awesome. Ask your fambam and friends to wear their favourite pullovers and hand-woven sweaters in bright colours

4.) Pyjama Party theme:

You can simply go with a pyjama party theme for a cosy sleepover kind of new year party with your best friends and fambam. Plan for movies and chill. Get a customised cake delivered to your place to celebrate. Equip yourself with a supply of drinks, crunchy snacks, and lots of ice creams. Ask your guests to show up in the most stylish night suits and dresses. A feather sleeper and a glamorous eye mask would be the perfect add-on! 

5.) Bollywood theme:

Without considering the most popular and iconic Bollywood theme party ideas, no brainstorming is complete. This popular theme needs no explanation. Ask your guests to choose a Bollywood character you wish to play, dress like them, and enter the place with their famous dialogues. Select the classic Bollywood party anthems and get the party started. Decorate your home with popular and iconic Bollywood dialogues written on paper and hang them around. Go for a photo booth with a big banner of ‘STAR PARIVAAR’ on the top. You can also get cardboard cut-outs of famous Bollywood characters or personalities and get them fixed around.

 New Year’s eves are the best time to celebrate with your lovely friends and fam! Have the craziest night with them. Cheers to the new year and the new journey that the beautiful year holds for you and your best people! Happy new year!!!