Do you occasionally have déjà vu? When you come across something, do you occasionally have the uneasy feeling that it isn’t the initial time you have encountered it? Perhaps you’ve questioned your identity in previous lives. If so, this Former Life Tarot deck spread can provide you with information about the individual you were and explain how your past experiences are still having an impact on you now. The idea of former incarnations might be intimidating or even terrifying. However, we may see into our former lives without resorting to superstition if we use the power of tarot card reading. We may bring either unpleasant or uplifting experiences from these former incarnations into this one. The aim is to enlighten these memories via the use of tarot cards to improve our overall well-being and happiness.

First card: Previous existence

The looming problems from a prior life are represented by this card in the Previous Life Tarot deck. This may be merely a difficulty or an imbalanced energy that you’ve been carrying about and haven’t yet dealt with.

Using the Chariot as an example, you drew the initial position. With no obligations or responsibilities, this card depicts innocence and freedom. The sense of isolation that may accompany this existence during a tarot card reading online. The issue here appears to be that while all material goods were accessible, there was no genuine emotional attachment.

Card 2: Present time

The reading’s second piece illustrates how the problems identified in the opening card are still having an impact on your present-day circumstances. This card can help you gain a better understanding of yourself by revealing how your previous life affects your present-day decisions, feelings, ideas, and attitude.

Example: The Hermit is the next Tarot card you drew. This reminds us of a lonesome elderly guy who is travelling the very same road and contemplating his illustrious past. Given that the Hermit is elderly, worn out, and still roaming, the problem seems to be that the questioner hasn’t made the necessary preparations to establish a life of depth in this incarnation.

Card 3: The message or advice

The final card within that spread denotes the specific action required to end the fight or settle the issue for this existence as well as your following lives. It’s time to consider the next stages today so that you can understand how your current and history are related. You may go on towards your finest rebirth yet with the help of this card.

Consider the next card, The Hanged Man, which represents the things we can accomplish to improve our situation. Let’s now assist The Hermit and Chariot in finding a home to call their own. The next steps to take become obvious. To enter this life, we must raise ourselves above the path that we have previously travelled. The Hanged Man is a mirror image of something like the Chariot, who abandoned his kingship and his things in search of something that was actual significance. The second step is to identify what is important for you and what brings you joy.

Besides offering a chance to identify unconscious patterns and beliefs, and come to terms with them- free tarot card readings can help you become more mindful and present in the moment.