Has your organization become a victim of cyberattacks frequently? Are you tired of devising strategies to respond to attacks every time? Do you want to stay ahead of the game and want to act proactively now? There’s a new player that can assist businesses to secure their attack surface. These are phone spy apps. That’s true these apps are actually security agents that keep an eye on all the activities of employees in the digital world.  Consider using spying apps to protect your business from hackers.

These apps are specialized software that is installed on the mobile devices of employees to track their activity. They remain hidden on the mobile devices of employees and record social media activities, calls, text messages, group chats, accessed URLs, watched history, and many more. Therefore, they are useful in protecting employees from malware, viruses, and social engineering attacks.

Need for the phone spy app

With the advancement of technology, businesses must incorporate mobile devices to remain competitive. On top of that, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the work dynamics of businesses. Nowadays, employees prefer to work from the comfort of their homes and are most productive in this setting. Therefore, businesses have now embraced this change and transited towards a technology-driven business model. On one hand, this increased the revenue of organizations to a greater extent but also posed security-related issues. The hackers now use innovative attack vectors to attack systems of organizations and steal sensitive information, and trade secrets, or disrupt services. Studies demonstrate that insider attackers and security loopholes in existing systems are mainly responsible for these issues. To address these issues, phone spy apps play a vital role.

How can spying apps prevent cyberattacks?

As a business manager, you must be aware of the fact that phone spying apps can play a major role in preventing cyberattacks. Some of the ways in which these apps can help are discussed below.

Monitoring of employees

These apps can help businesses to track the activities of employees. For this, the app must be installed on employees’ devices. It keeps track of employees’ access to data and other resources. If an employee tries to transfer trade secrets or sensitive information outside the organization’s network, the installed app sends a notification to the manager. Similarly, if he tries to access banned information using unauthorized means it will also be tracked. Apart from this, using the phone spy app managers can get the idea that employees are misusing data, and company resources or wasting time in unnecessary actions so that maximum productivity can be achieved. In short, such apps log all the transactions of employees and send them to higher authorities for taking appropriate actions to prevent unauthorized activities.

Identification of insider threats

The phone spy apps help business managers to identify insider threats that have some grudges for organizations and want to harm them. These apps track messages, emails, social media activity, phone calls, and group chats and send them to higher authorities for further analysis. The administrators analyze this information to identify the behavior of an employee and the potential threat he can pose to organizations. These threats can be unintentional as well therefore admins can also analyze how well an employee is following security practices like complex passwords, software updates, avoiding untrusted emails, etc. If they are not complying with the company’s security policies, they can pose a threat to the organization’s security and reputation. 

Phishing attacks detection and prevention

The spying app can assist organizations in the identification and mitigation of phishing attacks. It occurs when an employee receives a suspicious message or email from an unknown entity that seems trusted. Its major objective is to steal sensitive information by tricking employees to click on the provided link which can possibly be a cyberattack. This app can notify businesses of such emails timely so they can prevent that employee from clicking on that link.

Detection of malware

For malware detection, such apps can help IT administrators to keep an eye on installed software/apps, OS, and network traffic to identify the installation of some malware. Using the phone spy app, employees’ keystrokes, search history, downloads, accessed URLs, popups, and executables can be monitored to identify the traces of malware on the device and network of an organization.

Mobile spy apps play an integral role in protecting organizations from novel attack vectors and threat agents. Using these apps, IT admins can ensure that the threat landscape of an organization is secure and safe from hackers. However, the key is to select the right mobile spy app as many options are available in the market. 

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