Picuki, with its huge Instagram user base is getting a lot of attention.

What is Picuki and what are the reasons for its popularity?

This page contains information for those who are interested in Picuki, the Instagram viewer tool. The following paragraphs will provide details and answers to more pertinent questions like’how Picuki works’, Is Picuki legal/safe’, Is Pucuki really anonymous, etc.

What is Picuki?

Picuki allows you to view Instagram posts from anywhere, including outside of the Instagram app. Picuki also integrates with an online video editor and downloader that allows you to edit and download Instagram images/videos.

Picuki’s popularity can be attributed to its ability to download and view photos from other Instagram accounts, without the need to create an account.

This is exactly the opposite of Instagram. The most frustrating thing about Instagram is the inability to view any content without signing into an Instagram account.

Picuki is a sneak peak that’s irresistible to all.

What Picuki can do?

Picuki’s Best Ideas:

  • You can browse Instagram content anonymously without signing in
  • You can edit your photos with Insta, such as cropping, filters and text.
  • Find the most popular Instagram posts of the day and week
  • Trending Instagram posts by tags
  • You can search for Instagram posts using your profile name, tags and locations.
  • Get instant access to Instagram posts by celebrities

What Picuki can’t do:

  • View the carousel view
  • Follow an Instagram account
  • Download or view private Instagram profiles
  • Livestream Instagram
  • Comment or like an Instagram post

Picuki: How to View Instagram Profiles & Posts

Picuki allows you to view other people’s Instagram posts and profiles. One of the easiest and most intuitive ways to do this is by searching for an Instagram username.

You could also search for your man using name tags or tags. However, the Instagram username is best for exact matches.

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to view Daisy Keech’s Instagram profile and post.

Step 1. Step 1.

Launch a web browser app on your PC or mobile, and navigate to Picuki’s official website: https://www.picuki.com/

Copy the usernames of people you want to see on Instagram and paste them into the Picuki search field.

Search Instagram Username in Picuki

Step 2. Step 2.

Click Enter to start Picuki searching. You can see that there are many usernames that look similar. Make sure you choose the correct username and present it upfront.

Select the Correct Search Result in Picuki

Step 3. Step 3.

We have it! We can now see Daisy Keech’s Instagram profile, as well as her most recent posts. Scroll to the bottom, and click Load More to see more posts.

View Instagram from Picuki

Step 4. Step 4.

Picuki Instagram profile screen: Click on any Picuki post and hit Edit or Download to edit or download the image/video.

Edit Instagram Post from Picuki

Picuki Safe or Not?

Picuki can be used to view Instagram profiles on your computer via a web browser for those who are cautious. Yes.

Our testing revealed that there are no suspicious pop-ups or trojans. According to Picuki.com reviews from Scamadviser Picuki has been highly rated and is trusted.

Picuki can be considered a secure website and service.

Is Picuki Legal?

Picuki, however, is a legitimate website. Fair uses of Picuki’s services are also legal. Picuki allows you to browse anonymously and legally.

Picuki may not be legal for downloading Instagram videos. However, it is possible to do so in different countries. You should consult your local laws to determine if downloading Instagram videos may be considered copyright infringement.

Is it really anonymous to view Instagram using Picuki

It is anonymous when you view Instagram profiles or posts with Picuki.

According to our testing, the visits and times to Instagram profiles, stories and hashtags, locations, followers, hashtags and followers are completely inaccessible to their owners. They won’t even be notified when a view occurs.

Picuki can be used in Chrome browser’s Incognito mode to protect your browser data.

Picuki – How to view a private Instagram account

Picuki allows you to view private Instagram accounts. Picuki doesn’t allow you to view private Instagram accounts. This is a disappointing problem. Picuki does not allow you to view private Instagram accounts.

Picuki’s alternative Instagram viewer app allows you to view private Instagram accounts.

The Sum Up

Picuki is a trusted Instagram viewer tool that allows users to view other accounts without revealing their identities. Picuki has a remarkable security rating for an online service. It is highly recommended that you give it a shot.

What do you think of Picuki? Have you tried it? Drop us a note below to let us know.