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NTA Testing Agency (NTA) was established as the leading, professional, autonomous and independent testing authority to manage college admissions/academic examinations. Assessing the competence of candidates for admission and hiring has always been a challenging task in terms of international standards based on research, efficiency, transparency and error-free delivery.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is a government agency in India approved by the Council of Ministers in November 2017 to administer entrance examinations to educational institutions.[1][2] The government appointed Vinith Joshi as the agency’s first director. The NTA is responsible for administering the General Entrance Test – Major (JEE Main), National Undergraduate Entrance Test (NEET UG), National Proficiency Test (NET), General Management Entrance Test (CMAT), Pharmacy Entrance Test (GPAT) and General University Admissions. Examination (CUET) and Postgraduate Examination in India Ayush (AIAPGET).

The National Examinations Board is an independent examination body established to administer entrance examinations to various universities in India. Major government agencies and agencies are part of the UPSC curriculum and based on that, questions can be asked on the IAS Prelims exam. NTA conducts entrance examinations for admission and scholarships to higher education institutions throughout the country. Founded in 2017, NTA has grown into one of the largest competitive testing organizations in the world. Its mission is to create a system of scientific testing that meets world standards. Registered under the Social Registration Act of India, 1860. This relieves the CBSE, AICTE and other bodies of the responsibility for administering the exam. Currently in progress: JEE (Basic) NEET – UGPATCMATUGC – NET (Scholarship Evaluation)

Members and their nature

The management of the NTA is delegated to the Board of Directors.

Examinations conducted by NTA

The NTA performs the following examinations:

 Entrance Examination for All Indian Scientific Schools (AISSEE) Entrance Examination for Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Entrance Examination for Benaras Hindu University General Management Entrance Examination (CMAT) Common Universities Entrance Examination CMAT (CUET) Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate Studies (UG) PG ) CUET (UG ) CUET (PG) Pharmaceutical Graduate Examination (GPAT) GPATICAR All India Entrance Examination (AIEEA) IGNOU PhD and OPENMAT Entrance Examination (MBA) Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Entrance Examination Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNUEE) Joint Entrance Examination – Core (JEE) Core) JEE (Core) Joint Entrance Test National Council of Hospitality Management (NCHM JEE) National Aptitude Test + Undergraduate Entrance Test (NEET) National Aptitude Test NEET (CSIR) NET) CSR NET National Test for aptitude (UGC NET) UGC NET

Controversy and credibility of the NTA

2020 JEE Main Assam topper scam

In 2020, JEE Mains candidate Neil Nakshatra Das passed the exam through his undergraduate students. Later, he scored 99.8 percentile in the exam and became the leader of his home state of Assam. [10] [11] Bhargav Deka, owner of Global Edu Light, an urban coaching organization, employee of Tata Consultancy Services[12], applicant (Neil Nakshatra Das), Neil’s father, Dr. Jyotirmoy Das and mentor

NEET (U) related

In the 2020 NEET (UG) exam, the NTA falsely stated that Vidhi Suryavanshi, a resident of Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh, scored only 6 points, which was later found to be incorrect after Vidhi committed suicide. Vidhi’s answer sheet proves that she actually scored 590 points. In the 2020 NEET (UG) exam, the NTA stated that Mridul Rawat failed. Rawat admitted to filing a complaint with the NTA and was declared All India Topper (category ST) after double checking the OMR sheet and answer key. Rawat also claimed that after the retest, his score on the revised scorecard was 650, but his written score was only 329. The NTA denied Mridul Rawat’s application.[23] NTA Secretary General Vinith Joshi said: Emails purporting to be from the NTA are also fake. The news is broadcast on several local news channels in many cities. This news item is completely fake, fabricated and one-sided, and the news station must be verified by the NTA before airing. In this case, the NTA filed a complaint with the Cybersecurity Division in Noida, Utah under the Information Technology Act.”

JEE (Main) 2022 technical issues

The National Examinations Board has been heavily criticized for not properly conducting the 2022 JEE (Main) exam. Many students have technical problems during the exam, resulting in lower grades.[25] Errors in filling keys and test answer sheets are also a serious problem for students. The agency did not consider repeating the test.

Irregularity in level of question papers

The NTA has been criticized for the uneven difficulty of the various JEE (Main) 2022 questions, which normalizes the scores and ultimately lowers the scores.

NTA Functions

Identify partner institutions with the appropriate infrastructure in existing schools and universities that can provide online testing without impacting students’ daily lives. We use the latest technology to create a database of questions on any topic. Create strong research.

NTA Objectives

We conduct transparent and effective testing in accordance with international standards to assess the competence of candidates in recruitment and hiring. Study professional, educational, and examination systems to identify gaps in knowledge systems and take action to fill them. Verify experts and institutions when preparing test questions. Creation and dissemination of data and research on educational standards and professional development.