If you’re  looking to  expand your  property, or if you’re  buying a  house and  looking for your dream home,  you might  consider  a new start-up home. Fewer than 20 new launches are  expected in 2022,  but  about  40 new launches are  expected in 2023. We have compiled a  list  of new startups to  launch  in the first  quarter of 2023.

Sceneca Residence (District  16)

Real Estate Website   newlaunchcondosingapore.com in Q1 2023 for Upgrades or Downgrades New Condos in Q1 2023 for Upgrades or Downgrades  by December 29, 2022 New Condos for Dream Home Buyers Looking for Their Dream Home You  may  consider  submitting Fewer than 20 new launches are  expected in 2022,  but  about  40 new launches are  expected in 2023. We have compiled a  list  of new startups to  launch  in the first  quarter of 2023. This  list is  perfect for you. Sceneca Residence (District  16) Sceneca Residence is the  newest mixed-use  development  in the East with direct  access to Tanah Merah Metro Station. The  project  consists of 268 residential  units,  including 1- 4  bedroom  apartments ( including penthouses) and 19  commercial  units. Project  developers MCC Singapore, Ekovest Development and The Place Holdings have  won a  tender to  sell  a piece  of government land (GLS) to Tanah Merah Kechil Link for $248. 99 million ($930  per lot). Future  residents will  enjoy  the convenience of a 1000m² supermarket, 1000m²  shops and  other F facilities.

Average  prices  of new launches in District  16

There  have been  several new releases in District  16 lately. From 2018 to 2022,  prices will  average  around SGD 1,500  per PSF. However, the  newest addition, Sky Eden@Bedok,  costs  an average of SGD 2,112  per PSF. Since Sky Eden@Bedok  is also a mixed-use  development, we  expect Sceneca Residence to be  in the  same  price range. At the  same time, Sinca Residence  is also  connected to an MRT station, so there are  additional  benefits  that will  likely  offer  higher  insurance premiums. 

Resale  condo  units in District  16

If you  currently  live in District  16 and are  considering downsizing,  you may be  wondering if Sceneca Residence is  right for you. Below is the  average  selling  price for a  16. 3  bedroom residential  property  in the District. FYI, Eden @ Bedok  is one  bedroom  less if  you can  afford it ( 3 bedrooms  to 2 bedrooms).6 

The Botany at Dairy Farm (District 23) 

If you  want to be  close to nature, The Botany at Dairy Farm is a  great choice,  located  close to Taman Alam Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Developer Sim Lian Group  won the GLS  tender to  purchase the Dairy Farm Walk  site for S$347 million (S$980  per lot).  The new condominiums  will have 386  units,  including one to  five  bedroom  apartments. Best of all,  most  apartments  offer unobstructed  views of the  estate and  the surrounding nature reserve. Approximate date ABOVE: Nearest MRT station TBA: Hillview Elementary School (City Center Line) 1 km: Our Lady of Peace CHIJ, Bukit Panjang Elementary School 

Resale  condo  units in District 23

If you  currently  live  in the  23rd arrondissement and are  considering downsizing your home, we’ve compiled the  average  selling  price for  apartments  in your  area  over the past year. Because no  official  price has been  announced for Dairy Botany,  we have used the  average  recently  published  selling  price in District 23 as a benchmark (see  table below). 2 bedrooms SGD 1,247,  5,463 bedrooms SGD 1,664,754 (Note:  prices  depend on  the size of the  apartment and  floor) So  the new deal  price  for 2  and 3  bedroom  apartments in District 23 is to  sell a  3 or  4  apartment bedrooms. Range. One  bedroom  apartment  in the  same  area.

Properties in District 23

Terra Hill (District  5)

Terra Hill  is ideal for  those  looking for  a holiday home. It  is also  close to the One-North, Mapletree Business City, and Science Park offices,  as well as the Greater Southern Waterfront,  which is  under construction.

The  condominium  project is a redevelopment of  the former Flynn Park,  which will be  sold for S$371 million in 2021. It  consists of 270  apartments, from 2 to  5 bedrooms. Part of Terra Hill’s  unique  appeal is its hilltop  location with  potential ocean  views and  access to the  green  spaces of Kent Ridge Park. Estimated  best date: 2026 Nearest metro station: Pasir Panjang Primary School (Circle Line) Distance 1-2 km: Blanga Naik Primary School 

Average  prices  of new launches in District 

The  average  price  of new flaring in Zone  5 in 2022 is SGD 1,835  per barrel. Many new  properties have opened  in the  area in  recent years,  including Kent Ridge Hill Residences, Normanton Park and One-North Eden. With a land  price of SGD 1,318  per  person  per year,  due to the  property  status and suburban  location, Terra Hill  should have  an average  price of  at least SGD 2,000. The  current  average transaction  price for  a new  property in RCR (the  rest of the Central Region) is SGD 2,286. 

Resale  condo  units in District  5

For  those who  currently  live in District  5 and are  planning to  expand their homes,  here are the  average resale  prices for  apartments  in the  area: Average transaction  price  for new  sales in District  5: 2  bedroom – SGD 1,385,0713,  bedroom – SGD 1,874,7384 SGD,  4 bedrooms – SGD 2,475,843 (note:  prices  vary  by  apartment  size and  floor level). Many.