Have you ever believed something about an idea, only to find out you were wrong? It happens with rhinoplasty or nose jobs too. Even though the procedure has been around for centuries, people have a lot of unexamined ideas floating around in their heads.

Recently this has become especially true as more and more people are researching rhinoplasty procedures online without consulting a real doctor. If you’re considering rhinoplasty, it’s essential that you separate fact from fiction.

In this article, I’m going to expose some of the most common misconceptions about rhinoplasty and explain why they are incorrect!

Common Misconceptions about Rhinoplasty

Myth #1: Nose Reshaping Surgery is for Women Only

This misconception about rhinoplasty couldn’t be farther from the truth. Both men and women can benefit from this popular cosmetic procedure. Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, can help people of all genders correct both functional and aesthetic imperfections of their noses.

Everyone has a different idea of what an attractive nose looks like, which is why rhinoplasty can be tailored to individual patient’s desired outcomes. There are many techniques—from cartilage reduction to tip refinement—that make it possible to tackle any particular issue with respect to the nose that a person may have. Men might request narrower bridges or sharper angles in their noses, while women might look for more delicate results that work with their facial features. Regardless, various approaches make subtle changes that only they will recognize without impacting the overall character of their appearance.

Essentially, rhinoplasty is designed to suit anyone’s needs rather than place limits on who should seek treatment for improved nasal features.

Myth #2: Rhinoplasty Can Cause Long-Term Breathing Issues

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about rhinoplasty. The truth is, rhinoplasty can correct breathing issues, not cause them! During the procedure, a plastic surgeon can use several techniques and tools to reshape your nose, which will improve airflow by opening up your nasal passages.

In addition, an experienced plastic surgeon will ensure that the aesthetics of your new nose work in harmony with your existing anatomy. So even when you’re making big changes to how your nose appears, you won’t be sacrificing its natural functions.

That being said, it’s important to remember that any surgical procedure carries risks – including rhinoplasty. Since no two patients are alike, there may be some minor breathing difficulties as a result of the surgery. That’s why finding an experienced plastic surgeon is key! They should help you understand all potential risks before you proceed with the operation.

Myth #3: Rhinoplasty Is a Painful Process

Wrong! While all surgeries come with a certain degree of discomfort, rhinoplasty is relatively pain-free. The process is performed while you are under anesthesia, so the patient will be asleep through the procedure and not experience any pain. Furthermore, your plastic surgeon will use a local anesthetic to prevent any post-operative discomfort or pain.

The majority of patients who have undergone rhinoplasty report minimal to no discomfort afterward. The swelling and bruising after surgery can appear uncomfortable, but typically this subsides within days or weeks following the procedure depending on each patient’s individual case and healing process.

Myth #4: Rhinoplasty Can Make Your Nose Look Fake

One of the most common misconceptions about rhinoplasty is that it will make your nose look fake or “done.” The truth is, excellent rhinoplasties are all about balance and subtlety — meaning that you won’t be left with a strangely shaped and/or abnormally proportioned nose. Instead, it will just look better than it did before!

In good hands, Dr. Alvarez-Mejia’s rhinoplasty technique creates a beautifully shaped but natural-looking nose by carefully sculpting existing bone and cartilage structures of the existing nose rather than adding artificial materials such as silicone or implants. When properly performed, the results from this type of surgery can be both dramatic and subtle — leaving you with a naturally attractive result.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an experienced surgeon who excels in creating beautiful yet subtle facial enhancements, you can trust Dr. Alvarez-Mejia with your nose job to get the desired look without any over-the-top features or unnatural effects.

Myth #5: Plastic Surgeons Can Give You Any Nose You Want

One of the biggest misconceptions about rhinoplasty is that a plastic surgeon can give you any nose shape that you desire. This simply isn’t true! A plastic surgeon has the skills and knowledge to make cosmetic changes to improve the appearance of your nose, but he or she cannot create a new nose from scratch.

It’s important to keep in mind that rhinoplasty is reshaping your existing nose, not creating a new one. Plastic surgeons are highly skilled and trained professionals who can repair or reshape cartilage and bone. However, they’re still limited by the structure and shape of your original nose—they won’t be able to create an entirely new one out of thin air. They can only work with what nature gave them.

Another important factor to consider before having rhinoplasty is that your expectations need to be realistic. You should talk openly with your plastic surgeon about what kind of changes you would like, and they’ll tell you if it’s feasible with your current structure. They will also offer suggestions on how they could best achieve the desired results based on their knowledge and experience in the field.

Myth #6: Rhinoplasty Is Covered by Insurance Plans

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about rhinoplasty. While some insurance plans will cover the cost of a procedure if it is medically necessary, such as reconstruction after an accident or disease, most insurers do not cover elective cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty. So even if you have health insurance, in most cases you will be responsible for any expenses related to your rhinoplasty procedure.

It’s important to consider these costs before committing to having a rhinoplasty procedure done, as the money that needs to be saved up can take more time and effort than expected. Having a clear understanding of the cost will also help you create realistic expectations of the results so that you won’t be disappointed when they don’t match what was promised by your plastic surgeon.

Myth #7: Any Plastic Surgeon Can Perform Rhinoplasty

The truth is that any plastic surgeon CAN perform rhinoplasty, but not all are created equal. While many plastic surgeons achieve successful results with rhinoplasty, some do not have the dedicated experience or extensive knowledge needed to create beautiful and natural-looking noses.

It’s important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and has completed decades of training specifically on nasal anatomy and has countless successful cases under their belt. It may even be beneficial for patients to look for doctors with additional qualifications such as double-board certifications (Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery). Finding the right specialist ensures you’re getting excellent care throughout your entire experience.