There are several ways to do this. You pay for Google Ads. Post more SEO content. Or master the art of social media marketing. It is important to create an effective audience on social networks. Using the right method, you can build social media followers and audiences that will engage with your content .

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get more social media followers (people who actually interact with your brand). So, read on for tips you can apply right now.

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Choose the right social media channels to get followers

With so many social media channels available, you can’t always promote your brand everywhere. Today it is important to be where your audience is and connect with them there. So, the first step is to understand who your target audience is and what social channels they prefer. We may collect this information in several ways. Interview or survey of potential clients and customers. Use our social media listening tool to find out how the discussion is going in your niche. Find specific groups across platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit). Find your competitors (they chose your social network for a reason). TikTok and others .

Once you know where your audience is, it’s time to learn about the platform so you can start creating content that engages your followers. What type of content works best and why? This determines if the social media channel is right for your brand. For example, if your audience uses Instagram App , TikTok, and Facebook, you may find that Facebook is the better choice. If you don’t have a “visual” brand or industry, you’ll have a hard time creating the visual content you need to succeed on this channel.

Optimize your social media profiles

You know where your audience is. Now is the time to create and optimize your brand profile to attract followers. Here’s how. Add a touch of glamour, by uploading a professional photo, logo or video. Make sure it’s suitable for your platform. Everyone has their own image size requirements. For example, on Twitter, photos must be 400 x 400 pixels. Use the same image on your profile so your audience will recognize your page. Please choose the same or similar nickname to make it easier to find you on the channel.Discover through search by targeting specific keywords used by your audience. Add it to the biography and description section. Add links to your website, landing pages, and other social profiles. Check the link to make sure it works. Please complete all fields in your profile. Bonus: Remove tags from inappropriate posts to protect your reputation. SEMrush has successfully optimized your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. They write a short bio about what to expect from the post and include a link to their website. Both platforms use the same logo and steering wheel. We’ve also created our own branded hashtags to maximize the visibility of our favorite chats on Twitter.

Know your best time to post

 It depends on your industry, platform, and audience. You can find many posts and reports on various social media platforms at the right time to post. However, this does not mean that it will work for your specific account or industry niche. That’s why it’s so important to find the best time to post. You can view social media metrics on any platform or software you use to track this data, or use Sprout’s Social ViralPost Scheduling feature to analyze the optimal time to post to a particular account. It tells you the date and time your posts received the most clicks, shares, and comments. Use it to manage future posting schedules, monitor content, and ultimately build active social media followers.

Post consistently, but with purpose

You’ve probably heard a lot of rumors and myths about how often you need to post on social media to get results. However, the publication frequency is greater than the publication frequency. It’s about consistency and values. You post daily, but if your audience doesn’t find your content helpful, inspiring, or relevant, they won’t interact with or follow your account. If you’re struggling to come up with cool social media post ideas, try these simple tips. 

Use polls and polls to ask your followers what type of content they prefer. This gives you an idea of ​​what topics interest you and, more importantly, what you don’t. Review your analytics to see what types of content are performing best. Are people clicking on your photos? Video clips? Connection? Only text? What content is shared the most? How many likes does each song get? Which section gets the most engagement? Explore each platform to find out what type of content works best on each platform. View competitor activity to see what types of posts they share. Are they focused on launching the product? Customer service update? Sales promotion? When content ideas come to you, tools like Sprout Social can be used to automate your social media schedule so you can plan your content weeks or months ahead. This can help you find the right mix of content types and align them with marketing themes like future campaigns. A targeted social media content plan driven by data and ideas works when it attracts a genuine and engaged audience of social media followers.

Actively engage with your audience

Social media is not a megaphone, but a form of two-way communication. Use the platform to talk to your audience. You can reply to comments, like and comment on photos, share related articles, answer questions, and start new conversations. Whether it’s answering an urgent support question or simply appreciating their empathy, it shows potential customers that you care about their brand. Social media audiences usually expect a quick response on social media, so prepare your team for success. Management is easier if you use a social media tool like Sprout, which notifies you when you receive an asterisked comment .