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Roblox is well-known across the United States The US is a huge market for Robloxas an open source gaming platform. It’s used for socializing and making new friends. Many thousands of Roblox games are accessible in various genres. Roblox multiplayer games are available on computers, Android, and iOS.

The players compete to achieve the top scoreboard in the world. When players make progress in games they collect Robux and can exchange them for stand. We will look into giving away free Robux.

About Gobux:

Note that only Roblox online store can offer Robux which are actually credits to the account of the gamer. There are however many sites that boast to provide free Robux. However, if you have a Roblox account is discovered to have been credited with Robux through a third-party website, Roblox can terminate your account.

Gobux was a general term that referred to websites that provide free Robux. provides an on-line generator of Robux. The user must type in his Roblox username and choose between 10K and 250K of free Robux that will be awarded. First, the user needs to answer a short survey via offered by

After having completed an online questionnaire (or) the mini-workout after which the user is given the chance for earning more than $5K month. The user is then redirected to casino online (or) betting websites under the guise of earning an extra income. Therefore, earning Roblox becomes a secondary benefit.

Review by the Customer:Three review of the website and 2 video testimonials indicate that is a fraud. There was no Roblox user has confirmed they have received Roblox through


The term “gobux” has become well-known for its free Roblox generators There were several domains issued with the same name, but with different extensions. Gobux is an example of a domain with the same spelling. is an example of a domain with the identical spellings that is Gobux in its URL. It is however, is parking domain. It is currently available for sale at $50K on (or) $1084.00 with a the monthly lease.


Like, is a parking domain. It has the same spelling, Gobux within its domain name, but is an ‘.me extension. is not available for sale. and provide sponsored links which redirect users to commercial and information-based websites. This is the way that the parking domain earns revenue and boosts its visitors’ count under the name of Free Robux.

Social media,, and are not available through social media. The websites didn’t mention their social media profiles on their website pages.

Conclusion: is a scam according to the lack of trust as well as business Alexa as well as DA scores. was rated high for suspiciousness and threat, malware, phishing, as well as spam profiles. This means that is considered to be a high-risk website with regard to user’s PII such as payments and devices as well as personal information. as well as are both working to boost their overall score. With the above average trust scores for and These sites are advised to be used by knowledgeable internet users.

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