Minerals are solid substances found naturally on Earth. They have characteristic chemical and physical properties and are mostly ordinary crystalline structures. Most of the rocks we see today are made up of minerals (they are the “components” of rocks), and precious metals and gemstones are subgroups of minerals. More than 3000 minerals are known.

Metals and minerals can be great investments for both experienced and new investors, and learning the differences between the two can be astronomically rewarding. The question now also arises: “Will palladium ever hit $5,000 an ounce?” More and more people want to transact while roaming over the Internet.

There are many different minerals at different prices, and as you would expect, the most expensive group can often bring in the most profit. Let’s take a closer look at the three most expensive minerals for investors. 

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Rhodium may not be what you would expect from this list. Unlike its more flashy and whimsical cousins, rhodium usually doesn’t draw attention when it comes to precious minerals and metals, which is one of the reasons why rhodium is so underrated. However, this metal has a lot of potential to answer the question “is rhodium worth investing in?” if you want to give it a try. This has been asked in the professional investment world for decades. 

There are many reasons why rhodium is so expensive, but as you might expect, the main reason is simply supply and demand. Rhodium has countless uses in various industries around the world. When you consider that rhodium is extremely rare and difficult to mine on a daily basis, it becomes clear why it is one of the most expensive minerals in the world. The main difference between rhodium and other precious minerals of its caliber is a wide range of applications.

 Other precious metals may have uses beyond their intrinsic value (beautiful to look at, for example), but most do not share this concept as strongly as rhodium. Rhodium is by far one of the most expensive minerals and it is not surprising that if current trends continue in the current direction, the price will continue to rise in the future.


Gold can probably be considered a fundamental asset, and once you learn a thing or two about this wonderful metal, you will surely understand why. Gold is valuable as long as it exists. The reason needs no explanation. Her slender appearance and seductive looks speak for themselves. This gives gold a number of advantages over other asset types, which are much less subject to constant price fluctuations and volatility, and gold is generally considered one of the safest investments. In addition to its appetizing appearance, gold has many uses in various fields, which increases its value. It goes without saying that gold is also relatively rare, and the reduction in its supply is another reason why its price continues to rise every year. All of the properties of gold make it an ideal anti-inflation/deflation tool, and there is a reason why almost every professional investor in the world puts a significant portion of their portfolio in this famous metal.


Palladium metal may be unfamiliar to many people. Few people know about this metal, and even more so that it is one of the most expensive minerals. There are many reasons for this. First, it is not as widely used as other metals (with the exception of one industry), and it is rare to see fine jewelry made from this precious material.


Asbestos has a bad reputation for causing cancer in those who work with it. It is a fibrous mineral with excellent flame retardant properties. Polished asbestos had a bad reputation but became a famous and popular tiger’s eye stone. 


Barium is widely used in X-ray technology, fireworks, rubber and glass manufacturing, and as a rodenticide. It is a soft alkaline white metal element. 


Fluorite is commonly used to make fluorescent paints and is so beautiful that it is used as a raw material for jewelry. It is mined all over the world.

Rock salt 

 (sodium chloride – salt) is used to flavor food and soften water. It is also used to produce some acids in fire extinguishers and to de-ice roads.

 Iron ore

It is probably important to modern civilization as gold was in the past. It is used in all types of structures, from vehicles to buildings.


It has a bad reputation for its poisonous properties, some of which can take you too far out of fear. It is not absorbed through the skin or through inhalation, but is harmful when in contact with food or drink. It was once used for paints, pencils and cutlery. Lithium is used for a variety of purposes, including symptoms of bipolar disorder and battery therapy. Lithium has become very popular with the advent of electric vehicles.