Beagle is your personal financial concierge.

  • Locate your previous 401(k) s
  • Learn about your 401(k hidden)’s costs.
  • Reinvest and save thousands.
  • Unlock your IRA and 401(k), among other things!

Beagle Work:

Address the challenges you face as you approach retirement.

  • Discover Any Old 401(k) :

          Beagle will find all of your previous 401(k) s for you. It takes 3 minutes to sign up.

  • Locate the Hidden Costs:

          Beagle can reveal all of the hidden costs that are depriving you of thousands of dollars in retirement.

  • Uncomplicated Rollover:

           You could save thousands of dollars, rollover to a better retirement plan, and stop worrying about managing your 401(k) s with just one click.

  • Access old 401(k)s and IRAs:

            You can borrow money with Beagle at 0% net interest from old 401(k) s and IRAs. Why should personal loans or credit cards have high interest rates?

What you receive:

              Calmness of mind

  • This is not pocket change:

             Over $3.1 trillion has been left behind at prior employment, where significant fees have been collected, with the average employee changing positions every four years. Additionally, a single misplaced account can significantly impact your retirement because the typical 401(k) account is valued $112,300.

  • Never again misplace money

             We at Beagle had become weary of how challenging it was to manage our previous 401(k) plans. We had no idea who they were, how much money they were making, or what fees we were paying. Because of this, we created the simplest way to locate all of your 401(k) s.

  • Understand the price you are paying:

              The typical 401(k) fee is exorbitant. At least 97% in fees you might be losing 28% of your retirement savings as a result. So that you can calculate how much money you are losing, let Beagle find all of those costs for you.

  • Your money is all in one spot:

                                 Beagle can reduce your existing expenses by up to three times while consolidating all of your 401(k) s into one location so you always know where they are. You may relax as we handle the entire rollover procedure.

  • Utilizing 401(k) accounts before retiring:

                            Your old 401(k) and IRA accounts are unlocked by Beagle, allowing you to borrow money from them at 0% net interest (all interest is returned back to you)! Stop paying hefty interest rates on personal loans or credit card debt.

A 401(k) plan is what?

                   Employers offer their employees 401(k) s as retirement plans. Employers automatically withdraw money from employees’ paychecks to fund their 401(k) plans. Up to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) limit of $19,500 for employees under 50 and $26,000 for those 50 and older in 2020/21, or 100% of the employee’s wages, whichever is higher, the employer may match some or all of the employee’s contribution. For every dollar that the employee gives, the company can contribute 40 cents.

                   Contributions made by employees to their 401(k) s are tax deductible. The contributions withheld from the employee’s pay are automatically invested in chosen securities from a list of potential assets, which may include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, employer stock, and guaranteed investment contracts. Until the employee withdraws the proceeds after retirement, these investments are usually tax-free. Depending on the employee’s tax bracket, the money is taxed at the standard tax rate if it is withheld after retirement. Money can be taken out of a Roth 401(k) tax-free.

How can I locate my prior 401(k)?

                   Here are some potential locations to look for the funds still in your old employer’s 401(k):

  • Old 401(k) managed by your company. To locate your old 401(k), get in touch with your former employer’s human resources department (k). Your social security number and employment history may be requested.
  •  In a brand-new 401(k) account that the plan administrator has created IRA forced transfers. 
  • The plan administrator might have moved the remaining funds from your 401(k), which may be less than $5000, into an IRA in your name at a bank or other financial institution.
  • In the department of unclaimed property of the state. The cash may have been deposited in the state’s unclaimed property fund if the firm cancelled its 401(k) plan.
  • The funds were withdrawn. The administrator of the plan might have cashed out and moved the money to a bank or state account. This form of transfer is subject to income tax and penalties since the IRS deems it to be a distribution. Part of the money may be withheld by the plan administrator to pay the IRS.
  • Use an online resource like if you’re looking for your previous 401(k). With Beagle, you may track your previous 401(k), check the account’s hidden fees, and easily switch to a more advantageous retirement plan. can help you if you want.