A provider of print and digital charts as well as navigational aids, American Nautical Services is an online retailer. American Nautical Services (ANS), a marine surveying and consulting company with ISO 9001 certification, and a representative for nautical charts, are both situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since 1977, they have provided charts, publications, flags, and other items for the marine sector at reasonable costs with top-notch customer assistance. They keep up with industry news and have a specialization in Hazmat transportation difficulties.

Industries:                the maritime industry

A large company:     two to ten workers

Headquarters:          Florida’s Fort Lauderdale

Type:                         Individually Owned

Founded:                  1977

Specialties:               Marine technical books, e-Navigation, digital navigation, and   

                                  Nautical charts.

Located in;

              South Florida, American Nautical Services is a family-run nautical chart agency company with clients all over the world.

Current position:

The Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation is in charge of the U.S. Maritime Service. The Maritime Administrator, who also holds the positions of director of the National Shipping Authority and chairwoman of the Maritime Subsidy Board, is the Commandant of the United States Maritime Service. The Secretary of Transportation may decide how many people will be employed by the service, establish the pay scales, specify the uniform for the service, and produce and distribute awards for the service. Although the U.S. Maritime Service must adhere to the same rank requirements as the U.S. Coast Guard by law, it wears U.S. Navy uniforms with distinguishing USMS insignia and devices.

A Complete Reference to American Maritime Services:

              Although navigating American waterways might be difficult, it can also be a pleasant and joyful experience if one has the correct information and tools. They want to give their customers the equipment and resources required for navigating American waters since they are a dependable supplier of nautical services.

  • We’ll go through the following in detail in this extensive guide:
  • the many sorts of nautical services offered in the United States,
  • how to get the required paperwork and permits,
  • The significance of being safe and ready when on the water.
  • We’ll also give an outline of the many rules and legislation that control navigation in the United States.
  • Talk about the many rescue and emergency services accessible to boaters.
  • You’ll be more equipped and more at ease to traverse the seas of the United States after you have this knowledge. 
  • We’ll talk about the many nautical services offered in America for people who are interested. Visit amnautical.info if you want to understand more about this website.

Investigating the Advantages of American Maritime Services

  • It’s no secret that Americans are fervent supporters of the maritime sector. People from coast to coast have a respect for the sea and all the activities it provides due to the popularity of water sports, boating, and fishing. 
  • The company American Nautical Services, often known as ANS, is committed to assisting people in discovering these pursuits and utilizing them as assets in their life.
  •  Boat maintenance, navigation, and other associated services are all part of ANS’s extensive list of services.
  •  These services are intended to make it easier and safer for people, companies, and organizations’ to traverse the seas.
  •  The staff at ANS is committed to provide its customers the best possible services.

An Overview of the Services Offered by American Nautical Services:

  • The United States has earned a reputation over the ages for having a long coastline, deep ports, and large seas.
  •  For generations, both for business and pleasure, our country has relied on nautical services to travel the seas.
  •  This has resulted in a proliferation of various American Nautical Services, which offer a wide range of goods, services, and support for various marine boats.