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Pratt & Whitney Canada Enters 12-Year Fleet Management Agreement With Helicopter Travel Munich


October 4, 2017 – Pratt & Whitney Canada Customer Service Center Europe announced today they have signed a 12-year Fleet Management Program agreement with Helicopter Travel Munich that will cover the maintenance and support of eighteen PW206B2 engines.

“This FMP agreement with HTM is tailored to meet their particular needs and will help them optimize their maintenance costs,” says Carsten Behrens, General Manager, CSC Europe. “This FMP will provide customized, hands-on support to HTM’s fleet of aircraft which fly in the challenging North Sea environment.”

Customer Service Center Europe is a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney Canada and MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg.

“Our PW206B engines provide us with exceptional performance and reliability,” says Bernd Brucherseifer, Managing Director, HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH. “The new FMP agreement with P&WC CSC Europe for our H135 helicopter fleet will allow our engines to have access to OEM-quality work scopes, repairs, and materials that will keep them in top operating condition.”

Helicopter Travel Munich is one of the largest helicopter companies in Germany with IFR and offshore approval and was founded in 1997. Helicopter Travel Munich has twenty-three helicopters in six locations in Germany and Austria and has plans on the horizon to expand that fleet even more. Apart from the company’s normal operations, Helicopter Travel Munich also operates their own flying school.

This Fleet Management Program was tailored specifically for Helicopter Travel Munich and will provide personalized support to meet both their technical and commercial needs. The program is touted as a “flexible, high-value engine management solution” that is intended to lower operating costs and simplify fleet operation management while serving as a financial management tool which will allow Helicopter Travel Munich to focus on their core business.


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