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What good is a helicopter magazine if you can’t get a freebie, Right? While everyone does a desktop calendar in this business (which we probably will too at some point), but we are known for ‘thinking outside the box’ and being that we are a digital publication specialist, we wanted to find something you as a reader would appreciate. So why not the mobile technology you read the magazine on? below you will find a selection of downloads for your mobile device that will jazz up your home screen or lock screen with glorious HELICOPTERS! Each month we will feature shots from both the field and from our story shoots around the world.

Every month, we will be featuring the best helicopter shots to use as your phone background shot, carefully crafted to fit many of today’s top phones with native sizing for the most optimal and sharp shots to use on your device.

To download: Click on the image or “Download” button, when the image pops up, right click on the image and select “Save image as”. Then through your phones settings, choose this image as your background or lock screen image



iPhone 6 Wallpaper

iPhone 6 Wallpaper

iPhone 6+ Wallpaper

iPhone 6+ Wallpaper

iPad Mini Wallpaper

iPad Mini January Wallpaper

iPad Wallpaper

iPad January Wallpaper


Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpaper

iPhone 6+ Wallpaper
avpro 928x90